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Boston Terrier Shelter List
SLO County pound list


SLO County pound list

San Luis Obispo Pound List

San Luis Obispo, CA

These pound animals are kept for only 4 days before possibly being destroyed. This is a matter of life or death. Don't put off calling or going to look! Please call 805-781-4400 (main office) for more information or 805-781-4413 (volunteer hotline).

Shelter Hours:
Monday 8-5 Tuesday 8-5 Wednesday 8-6:30 Thursday 8-5 Friday 8-5 Saturday 10-4 Sunday Closed

The shelter is located at
885 Oaklahoma Ave
San Luis Obispo, CA
If you put your address in below it will give you driving directions to the shelter.

Street Address:
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If you would like information about volunteer opportunities at the animal shelter, please contact Larry Kahn at (805) 781-4413

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We need a knowledgeable person to visit the county pound twice a week, to determine which impounded animals have been spayed or neutered. Animals that have already been spayed/neutered may have a better chance of being adopted.
We need dependable volunteers to help us keep this Pound List going.

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Animal care and control agencies do their best to find loving responsible owners for as many pets as possible, but there are simply not enough homes for all these animals.
American Humane estimates more than 15 million healthy, friendly dogs and cats will be euthanized this years simply because they are "unwanted".
You can save lives and help solve the pet overpopulation tragedy by neutering or spaying your pet. This will help reduce the numbers of dogs and cats being euthanized by reducing the number of pets being born.

Click here for information about Spay/Neuter funds for San Luis Obispo County residents

I am unable to update this site.. Please go to the website above is UPDATED DAILY to see the animals listed in the SLO shelter.. Thank you...


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