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Boston Terrier Shelter List
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SLO County pound list

San Luis Obispo, CA

These pound animals are kept for only 4 days before possibly being destroyed. This is a matter of life or death. Don't put off calling or going to look! Please call 805-781-4400 (main office) for more information or 805-781-4413 (volunteer hotline).

For daily updates on animals brought into Animal Services, call 781-4407 after 6:00 PM.

Be sure to check out the separate Lost and Stray cat room if you are looking for your cat. You may also put one on hold to adopt. Also, a new room has been added for nursing mothers and kittens.

Shelter Hours:

Monday 8-5 Tuesday 8-5 Wednesday 8-6:30 Thursday 8-5 Friday 8-5 Saturday 10-4 Sunday Closed

The shelter is located at
885 Oaklahoma Ave
San Luis Obispo, CA
If you put your address in below it will give you driving directions to the shelter.

Street Address:
Zip (Optional):

Spay/Neuter Funds Available

San Luis Obispo County has Spay/Neuter funds for county residents. To receive vouchers, you must appear in person at SLO County Animal Services, located off Highway 1 at the Sheriff's exit. Call Animal Services at 781-4400 for more information.

In south San Luis Obispo county, spay/neuter funds are available through Central Coast Animal Protection Society (CCAPS) by calling their Spay Day hotline: 546-3700.

Atascadero residents only may pick up spay/neuter vouchers from North County Humane Society. Call 462-AFAR.

If you are looking for a particular type of dog or cat, we can add your name to our "Wish List", and you will be notified of any possible match.
When you e-mail your request, be sure to include the following:
1. cat or dog
2. breed/mix choice
3. personality (active, calm, etc.)
4. prefered age and sex
5. your name and telephone number
EMAIL the information to

This is separate from the Boston Terrier Shelter List. I am posting this to try to give it more exposure. I thank the volunteers of Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) for posting the list. Please visit the HART homepage below. Also the SLO County pound site with pictures. Thank you!

Click here to visit HART

Click here to visit HART's Pound List for SLO County

We need your help!
We need a knowledgeable person to visit the county pound twice a week, to determine which impounded animals have been spayed or neutered. Animals that have already been spayed/neutered may have a better chance of being adopted.

We need dependable volunteers to help us keep this Pound List going.

Please help if you can!

click here to view the HART T-Shirts For Adoption!

If you would like information about volunteer opportunities at the animal shelter, please contact Larry Kahn at (805) 781-4413

Updated on Thursday, November 09, 2000

Tag # Picture Breed Sex Color Comments Pickup Location Impound Date Available Date Estimated Age
103365a 1770 Labrador Female Black Templeton 1-Nov 7-Nov Adult
103459 1772 Pug Female Tan with Black face Pink nylon collar with name "Rosie". ? 6-Nov 13-Nov Adult
103429a 1774 Pitbull Female Brindle Nipomo 3-Nov 9-Nov Adult
103329 1776 Collie-Rottweiler Female Black-Brown Long hair. ? 31-Oct 3-Nov Adult
103349 1778 Anatolian Shepherd Female Yellow "Chyanne". Hold for Anatolian Rescue. Brought to shelter 1-Nov 3-Nov Adult
103533a n/a German Shepherd-Rottweiler Male Black-Tan Templeton 8-Nov 15-Nov 7 months
103302a 1781 Labrador Female Black "Maggie". Has rabies shot. San Luis Obispo 30-Oct 4-Nov 10 months
103288 1783 Labrador X Male Black-White Arroyo Grande 29-Oct 3-Nov Young Adult
103468 1785 Shepherd Female Tan-Black (mange). Grover Beach 6-Nov 14-Nov Adult
102071a 1787 Rottweiler Male Black-Tan "Reno". Licensed. San Luis Obispo 8-Nov 17-Nov Adult
103254a 1789 Pitbull Male Black with White chest Los Osos 27-Oct 2-Nov Adult
103362a 1791 Dalamation Female White with Black spots Black nylon collar. Paso Robles 1-Nov 7-Nov Adult
103473a 1793 St. Bernard X Male White-Brown Paso Robles 6-Nov 13-Nov Adult
103453a 1795 Labrador Male (fixed) Black Pismo Beach 4-Nov 10-Nov Adult
103330 1797 Husky-Shepherd Female Black with White chest ? 31-Oct 3-Nov Adult
103296 1799 American Eskimo Male (fixed) White Shy. Pismo Beach 30-Oct 2-Nov Adult
103503a 1801 Chow Male Black Atascadero 7-Nov 14-Nov Adult
103379a 1803 Labrador Female White-Tan Paso Robles 2-Nov 6-Nov Adult
103361a 1805 Labrador Female Black Pismo Beach 1-Nov 7-Nov Adult
103472 1807 Labrador Male (fixed) Black Pismo Beach 6-Nov 13-Nov Adult
103299 1809 Rottweiler Male Black-Brown Paso Robles 30-Oct 5-Nov Adult
103281 1811 Chow Female Golden Don't yank leash. Walk slowly. Paso Robles 28-Oct 3-Nov Young Adult
103220a 1813 Dalamation Male White with Black spots Very affectionate. Atascadero 26-Oct 1-Nov Adult
103283 1815 Labrador-Husky Male Tan with Black face and tail "Dusty". Brought to shelter 30-Oct 4-Nov Adult
103532a 1817 Hound X Male Tri-colored Paso Robles-Creston 8-Nov 15-Nov Young Adult
88804a 1819 Labrador Male Black Licensed. Atascadero 2-Nov 10-Nov Adult
103393 1821 Labrador Female (fixed) Black "Molly". Not good with other animals. Brought to shelter 3-Nov 7-Nov 7 years
103293 1823 Queensland Male Black-White Scared; caution. Paso Robles 30-Oct 5-Nov Adult
103336 1825 German Shepherd X Female Tan-White Pismo Beach 31-Oct 6-Nov Adult
102847 1827 Queensland X Male (fixed) White-Blue merle DHLPP and Bordatella (10/17/2000). Neutered and Rabies (10/25/2000). Grover Beach 12-Oct 18-Oct Adult
102711 1829 Border Collie Male (fixed) Black-White Vaccinated. Creston 6-Oct 13-Oct Young Adult
103219a 1831 Rottweiler X Male Black Morro Bay 26-Oct 1-Nov Adult
103457 1833 Dingo-Shepherd Male Black-Red-Tan Found in Lutheran church. Black nylon collar. Nice dog. Atascadero 5-Nov 13-Nov Adult
48038 1835 Dingo X Female (fixed) Brownish Yellow "Belle". Brought to shelter 1-Nov 3-Nov Adult
103201a 1837 Border Collie Male Black-White Templeton 25-Oct 31-Oct Adult

Tag # Picture Breed Sex Color Comments Location Found Impound Date Available Date Estimated Age
102969 1839 Male (fixed) Black Trapped in Shell Beach. Shell Beach 17-Oct 23-Oct Adult
102687 1841 Female (fixed) Gray-Orange "Pogo". Blink in left eye. Vaccinated. Brought to shelter 6-Oct Now 4 years
103224a 1843 Male (fixed) Gray Paso Robles 26-Oct 1-Nov Adult
103223a 1845 Tortoise Shell Female Orange-Black Bradley 26-Oct 1-Nov Adult
103521a 1847 Male (fixed) White Morro Bay 8-Nov 15-Nov Adult
103500a 1849 Female Orange Oceano 7-Nov 14-Nov Adult
103251 1851 Male White with tabby markings Cool cat! San Luis Obispo 27-Oct 2-Nov Adult
103347 1853 Male Orange-White Brought to shelter 1-Nov 7-Nov Young Adult
103344 1855 Tabby Female Brown striped Brought to shelter 1-Nov 7-Nov Adult
103345 1857 Male Black-White Brought to shelter 1-Nov 7-Nov Adult
103348 1859 Female Black-Gray-White Brought to shelter 1-Nov 7-Nov Adult
103268 1861 Female Black San Luis Obispo 28-Oct 2-Nov 6 months
103476a 103478a 1863 Tabby Female Black-Gray striped 2 kittens. Arroyo Grande 6-Nov 9-Nov 9 weeks
103286 1865 Tabby Female Gray-White-Black striped ? 29-Oct 3-Nov Adult
103346 1867 Russian Blue Female Gray Brought to shelter 1-Nov 7-Nov Young Adult
103390 1869 Female Gray Wild. Bites. San Luis Obispo 2-Nov 8-Nov Adult
103501 1871 Tabby Female Gray striped with White San Luis Obispo 7-Nov 14-Nov Adult
103428 1873 Female Gray-White White on paws. ? 3-Nov 9-Nov Adult

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