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Gracie's Memorial Page
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This website is dedicated to Gracie. A Boston Terrier loved by many people. She was truly one of a kind and even though I did not get to see her in real life as she was many states away she touched my heart as she did many other people's. Her memory will live on in the hearts of the people she touched and she will never be forgotten. Her many memorials will also allow the people that didn't know her the chance to see how she touched so many hearts. This website will always be dedicated to Gracie. My hope is that every Boston Terrier on this site finds a home where they will be as loved as Gracie. Please see the names of the people who donated to her memorial fund below.

Thank you Merr for this wonderful memorial plate!

Donators to the Gracie Memorial fund. The Gracie memorial fund benifits IL Boston Terrier rescue. Thank you to all the people who have donated. This means more than you will ever know. Money raised $709.00!


Betty Sue (Mitzi)
Karen (Elliot)
Karen second donation in memory of L.J.
Ellen (Skippy and Snobbo)
Darlene (Yoda and Gator)
Kathy Crosby
Laura (Sparky)
Austin the Boston Terrier
Ellen (Java)
Judy (Bones and Emily)
Alex and Mona * Gracie's humans.
Laurie (Jake and Pete)
Laurie (Weezer and Hurricane Hazel)
Happy (BT Board Monitor and friend to all Bostons)
Julie (Molly and Mia)
Karen (Rascal)
Kim (Sugar Baby and Romeo)
Shelly (in memory of Clancy and Keno)
Terry (in memory of Bubba 12-14-00)